In our weekly photo challenge, one of the photos we were asked to take were photos using compositional techniques.

  • Composition

    Depth of Field

    The challenge was to create DOF, but not to isolate that object. I decided to use tangerine and orange. They are very similar, except for size. Using depth of field I made the tangerine look the same size or bigger.

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  • Composition

    Color Theory

    This picture depicts a mom and her child. I edited my photo in Photoshop. Most notable is the color gradient. I added orange to the top of the photo and blue near the bottom.

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  • Composition

    Speed Light

    In this assignment we were challenged to use our speed lights. I took this photo in the dark only using my speed light to light up the flowers. I pointed my speed light on a reflector that reflected the light back onto the flowers.

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  • Composition

    Symmetry Face

    This weekly photo challenge was on symmetry in portraits. I took a photo of my brother. I then reflected his left side and right side. I then created two portraits that have symmetrical features. This project was fun and interesting. It shows us how are faces are not symmetrical.

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