About Me

A picture of me in San Francisco Chinatown.
^This is me!^

Hello! My name is Maya Y, and I am a junior taking the design course at Freestyle Academy. Ever since I was little, I had been interested in the world of art. Even when I was a baby, I would create different types of works, which include making a mess on the dinner table using spaghetti, scribbling on the table with crayon when I ran out of paper, and finger painting on pieces of furniture. When people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I would often answer with “an artist” without a doubt. I started learning more about design in recent years, and grew an interest in the medium. I am excited to learn more in depth about design and improve my skills over the next two years.

My main interest would be art, but I have some side interests and hobbies as well. When I was in 2nd grade, my dad decided to put me on a random lacrosse team out of the blue saying that I should participate in sports. Although I wasn’t interested in lacrosse (or any sport of that matter) at the time, it quickly became something I enjoyed doing. Now I am in the school team as well as a club team. Besides lacrosse, cooking is another interest of mine. The main reason for liking cooking is because I love food, but I also love the creative aspect of cooking. I feel it connects to art in many ways when you decide not to follow a recipe because of how it allows you to come up with your own ideas. Other than these hobbies, I like to listen to music, run, and hang out with friends and family in my free time.

As I am entering my second to last year in high school, I am scared, but ready for all the challenges I’ll face this year. In my Freestyle classes, I will be able to learn more about creating art digitally. Since I am not a tech person in any way, moving over to the digital world will definitely take some getting used to. This will only mean that I will be able to learn even more new things during my time at Freestyle. Knowing how to create work on a computer is crucial in this day and age, even in art. I have heard from many different people that Junior year is the hardest year of high school. Knowing this, I will put in lots of effort in school this year, including Freestyle.