About Me

Me in Hiroshima, Japan!

Welcome to my website! My name is Mia Florendo and I am currently a junior at Mountain View High School! At school my favorite classes are Trigonometry and Dance. I love to dance, choreograph, get boba, and hang out with friends! I am also President of the MVHS Kpop Dance Club this year so if you are interested in joining, we meet every Thursday at lunch in P7, also known as the dance room!

Outside of school I enjoy baking, shopping, and watching movies Netflix with my family. Recently I’ve been interested in making short recap films of my years at high school, and I enjoy looking back at all the photos and videos.

For this school year I hope to become better at my time management skills especially because I’m a Freestyle student now. I want to be on top of all of my assignments, academic or not and make sure that I check my emails daily or maybe even multiple times a day.