Hi! My name is Owen Peterson and I am taking Design, English, and Digital Media through Freestyle Academy. I love to express my creativity through photography and design, which is why I joined Freestyle. It has been great for me to grow in new areas that interest me and to look into making a career out of it. I love mountain biking and going out in nature and photography is a great way of displaying that. I really value happiness and going out of my comfort zone and try to base my photos and projects on those same ideas. Nature is also a big artistic inspiration to me through its patterns and consistency. Freestyle has been such an amazing opportunity to develop my passions in a learning environment.

Junior Year Reflection

Over the past year, my experience at freestyle has been extremely positive. I have learned so much about time management, responsibility, and freedom in the assignments to be creative. I also learned a lot more on how to use Adobe products like Illustrator and InDesign, and have progressed in my creative thinking. I have run into a lot of technology issues with trying to work on different computers but I think that I have managed and my perseverance has increased. I value everything about freestyle, and have built some friendships as well during the year. Compared to where I started at the beginning of my junior year of high school, I believe I have much better work management, and have learned a lot on how to work efficiently.