Color Theory

This was a test on color grading in photos. Usually color grading is used in film, however using it in photos can change the emotion and feel of a photo. Much like how it can do the same with a film. The original of this photo felt too orange, so I gave it a more


We were given a speed light and were tasked to use it creatively. I decided to take one of my favorite characters and make him the star of this photo.

Rule of Odds

This is a picture of one of my speakers. Funny to think that if this speaker’s design only had two circles, It probably wouldn’t look that great. Placing three circles gives a thinner, more appealing look and follows a rule of odds.

Rule of Thirds Emotion

These are my parents. They are currently happy, at least I hope so. They both reside on either side of a rule of third which can show that they are happy together and perfectly spaced in the photo. Well at least I hope they are happy together.