Within Freestyle Academy, I have learned quite a lot. If it weren’t for Freestyle, I wouldn’t be as progressive and productive as I am today. I have grown a lot and seeing the progress I have made is quite incredible. I have become more organized, and more proactive, but most importantly, my artistic style has become higher quality.

One example of this change is my conceptual project from 2 years ago. This was my first project in Freestyle. I had virtually no prior experience and this was practically the beginning of my creative career. I had almost no experience with what makes a video look good or satisfying. I created a conceptual video that was grainy, unorganized, dark and it barely followed the rule of thirds. Here my conceptual film:

I feel that I have changed my style a lot from this video. I have recently created a Zenith project that was a huge step up from this video. It was a series of video essays that would describe the quarantine in 2020. This was much more well thought out and the style felt more organized and satisfying. I followed the rule of thirds effectively and my film was dark, but not to the point where it was impossible to see. I used lights in order to brighten key parts of the photo. Here is my Zenith Project:

I also have a video analyzing how I created my videos and how this is considered the “peak of my creation”. Here is my Zenith celebration video:

I feel that in these two projects, there is a huge difference in how the lighting is used, how the framing is different and how the style looks. I feel that I really improved from the beginning of my work at freestyle. I find that cinematography is my strong suit, even though it is still something I am working on, so I found this aspect of my work to be the most important in my progress. Freestyle really helped me practice and get through obstacles that would bring me to where I am now. I still have a long way to go, but I find that this was the first step that would bring me to much greater things in life.

Freestyle academy was a wild ride that brought me much pain, but purpose. It was incredible to watch my own growth through the projects I would tackle and how I would mold my own style. I found that freestyle was a place where I could really bring my creativity to life. I owe all my current creative skills to Freestyle, which may not be much, but it’s a perfect step to my future.