For our first project with Digital media were were required to make a music score for our film for film class. This had required us to do some research on how music creates a backbone for the feeling of what a film wants to convey. If a score doesn’t have the correct feeling to it, it will convey wrong emotions to an audience. I created this track for my film as it conveyed a dark and emotional piece.

For our next project we had created a javascript Query splash screen that would showcase ourselves and some of our work. It was meant to show how we had learned a simple coding process and how we were able to create some of the content on this very website! With this project we had learned and researched that many people require coding for their websites. People will love the creative sides of our projects, such as our artwork, or film work, however they also need to see the back stages of it. Without a website, what is there to showcase? They need to see the behind the scenes and the creation of the website itself. We learned a lot of javascript and we used jQuery to speed up the process. Here is some of the code from the project:

This was just some of the work that was shown for the coding. We had countless files that would show the creation of some of our websites. Learning coding was definitely an interesting feat. It was something that was very unorthodox to me. It almost felt like it was crossing into a no man’s land. However after this project, I was able to be more comfortable with coding and how the behind-the-scenes works.

For our next project, we learned how to create a multilayered project. It was a project where we created multiple layers of an art piece and, then laster printed them to create a finish that would place each layer on top of each-other. it would turn out to look something like this:

Image result for multi layer arwt"

This was not our project, however we did create something of our own version. We started off by creating different layers of the project. Each layer being drawn on a piece of paper. With ten of these pieces of paper, we scanned the drawings and imported them to a computer. Here we traced the drawings in illustrator and sent it over to be created in a wood laser pattern.

We decided that we wanted to create a more psychedelic feeling in our layers. We included that of an elephant, vines, and even a mandala in the background.

Here are all ten of the layers stacked in one file.

Here are the photos of the project as we created them and layered them:


This project was pretty fun. It consisted of a lot of work in terms of art creation. It was really cool to see all my creation come together into one layered project. I’ve kind of always wanted to see artwork come together in this special way.