Our documentary project in Freestyle challenged me in a large scheme of things. It had challenged me to use skills that I am not completely comfortable with. Things such as research, analysis, and documenting have never been my strong suit and this unit has perfectly allowed me to master that skill. Documentary in freestyle has been an incredible part of my learning experience as the research and work that we did allowed me to be deeply creative. From creating a full fledged documentary, to creating an entire magazine article for our topic, here are some of the things we did in documentary.


For our elective classes we had created a documentary for our topics. We would be given professional audio equipment to go out and create a project that would document a specific topic. To prepare ourselves for this project we ended up creating a fake documentary for our classes. We created one about our English teacher.

We had chosen to make a documentary out of the topic of the CSU at Los Altos High School. This would be a Conservative Student Union and would represent the outcries of many conservative viewpoints in the Bay area.

Here is the link to the full documentary!


Here is the showcase  of our production of our documentaries. We had taken pictures of our production and documenting and put them into a photo gallery. Here is the photo gallery. It showcases the CSU meetings we had as well as the filming process.


For our project we interviewed three people

We interviewed George Kontoyiannis. He is a Junior in Los Altos High School that is the main founder of the CSU.


We also interviewed Nick Eletich, he is also a Junior in Los Altos High School and is the second founding member of the CSU.

Lastly, we interviewed Sam Bibilashvili. He is a Sophomore at Los Altos High School who supported the founding and creation of the CSU.

Overall documentary was an incredibly fun but difficult unit. It had challenged me in so many new ways and showed huge improvements in my work habits. From Research to organization, the documentary project was probably where I had learned the most. It was an incredible project that I will never forget.