This is my best buy uniform. I work about 12 hours a week at best buy and it inspires me to work hard in the future to get payed better than I do for a retail job.

The Elements

This is a picture of the water running in my sink. I set the shutter speed to a high speed and took a picture of the water as it was coming out of the tap. I felt that this is a good depiction of one of the elements.


I would say that I am very grateful for my opportunity at freestyle. Here is my bag that I received from my film class. It holds my camera, my audio recorder and a variety of lenses that Freestyle has allowed me to use for the creation of many of my projects.

Your Habits

A showcase of some of my habits. A hairbrush, acne cream, a shaver and more can be seen in the photo. These are all habits that I have and objects I carry out routines with in the morning.

Who Inspires me

For this photo I decided to put a family friend of mine named Hans Wikkeling. This was a teacher and a mentor of mine for nearly 11 years and has helped me through stages of my life that were the hardest. He helped me with skills in discipline in taekwondo in 3rd grade, and helped