For the Explorations unit, all Junior Freestyle students were assigned to improve on a particular skill set that addresses 21st Century Skills and incorporate the exploration of their own passion. Ultimately, we were given the task to answer this question with our projects: “How can you find, explore, and/or expand your passion?”As our Semester 2 Final, we shared our exploration with our classmates in any chosen form of presentation.


This project allowed me to explore one of my true passions. Makeup has always intrigued me and before this project, I hadn’t known the different techniques and important foundational steps that are actually used in Film and TV today. Getting to research this topic was very enjoyable because I was able to go under the surface of basic makeup artistry, which I feel doesn’t get enough attention when studying the fundamentals of Film and TV.

The Project

For my project, I decided to explore an art that I’ve always taken a liking to and use in my everyday life, which is makeup artistry in the Film industry. As we were assigned different elements of this project in each of our core classes at Freestyle Academy, I created an infographic for my Design class to show a map of facial features that are important to accentuate/hide for normal Film and TV and I also created a makeup tutorial video for my Film class to showcase the application of makeup with the same specificities in mind.


I created this infographic in Adobe Illustrated by firstly sketching out everything by hand using the pen tool, the face, the indents of the features, and the miscellaneous products scattered around the face for decoration. From there, it was a very simple process of adding color and correcting lines.


Essentially, in this video, I decided to follow the research I did prior to the making of this project and using the information I found, I created a makeup look that accentuated pertinent facial features and also adjusted to camera lens/lights.