My film synopsis was my original idea for my senior narrative film. I didn’t end up going with this idea, though I typed up a thought-out story plan for my original idea.

Narrative Synopsis:

Sukie Dakin

Senior Narrative Synopsis

The film starts by establishing Frankie Wells’ love and admiration for art, specifically painting. She works for hours, sometimes days on her projects. There are countless paintings, sketches, and brushes scattered around her room, leaving hardly any white space on the walls surrounding her. With establishing her love for art, it is also emphasized that she uses it as a coping mechanism, and hopefully a ticket to her dream school where she wants to attend to pursue the artistry. Her mother Cassandra Wells is introduced in the first act by interrupting Frankie’s painting time by rudely insulting her art. She’s fed up because she’s asked Frankie not to leave her colorful art around the house because of the memories they bring back of Frankie’s father who left the two years ago to also pursue the same artistry. The end of the first act, Frankie and her mother have an exchange that alludes to the sense that they used to have a close relationship, she tells her mother she can’t believe she saw her mother as a muse in lue of her father leaving.

It’s shown in the second act that as Frankie keeps working toward this goal of acceptance into the school of her dreams, her mother could not be less supportive of her dreams. I wanted to show Frankie’s clear wants and needs, she wants to leave and pursue her dreams in a place where her mother cannot stop her, but what she really needs is stability and support from an outside source. In the middle of the film, while she is out on an expedition for artistic inspiration, she meets a boy around the same age who is an aspiring artist, like herself. He gives her more confidence and instills more courage in her when he compliments her artistic abilities and they take a liking to each other, even though they’ve never met and this was a one-time meeting, she doesn’t even know his name but she tells him hers. After that scene occurs, the climax happens. Frankie finds out that the school of her dreams rejected her after years of working towards becoming an exceptional artist. Hearing this, her mother is thrilled.

Time passes and Frankie is now at a community college, entering one of her classes she sees the boy she met who proceeds to sit next to her claiming that it was “fate” that they met again. After a short exchange, he ends up apologizing for seeming so sudden and asks Frankie to be his muse. He proves to be a good source of stability and support for her, as well as sharing the same interests and passions, which is what she needed all along that she couldn’t get from her mother.

Narrative Screenplay/Lined Script

Here is the screenplay for my original idea that I pitched:

SukieD-Senior Narrative Screenplay

But that idea never came to fruition due to unforeseen obstacles unprepared actors that weren’t as available as they said they would be. 

Shot List: