The zenith project was described to us as an opportunity to reach our highest potential and excel in whatever we wanted to do by creating our own guidelines. For my Zenith, I wanted to stay within the realm of fashion and relate to my Research project in English where I talked about effects fashion has on a cultural society.

For my Zenith, I teamed up with a Design student who was creating her own clothing line for her project, so I made a film documenting the process. I tied in her own love for fashion in with many quotes and footage of famous designers, including the late Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. I felt proud enough to showcase this project because I felt that I had improved the most professionally and creatively throughout the process of production.


First, I had to coordinate with my partner Seva for dates and deadlines just so we each could make sure we were getting our core class requirements done so neither of us would get behind. In this phase, whilst she was starting to sketch ideas in her notebook for design, I conducted my first interview. It wasn’t very good quality but I knew that it wasn’t footage I was going to use for the visuals. I felt that it was a good informal starting point for getting her vision for the designs so early on.

Each week we had deadlines that we made for ourselves to which our teacher held us accountable for. I would take screenshots of each weeks-worth of clips from filming and then submitted them to my teachers dropbox so he could monitor my progress.