Narrative 2


In English we were given the Listener Lyric unit. I have written poems and such before but nothing like this. I thought to myself how much I wish I could go back in time and to be little again. I began writing, this was something that I wanted to talk about but I was able to make this lyrical essay out of it. I researched many different people and read many different articles of other peoples thoughts on this subject. It was interesting and good to see that many people had similar thoughts. I talked to my grandma about wanting to go back in time. She plainly and with a wise tongue told me that life is short enjoy it. Today is a gift, tomorrow is an un-promised blessing.

Digital Media:

Watercolor field of Sunshine: This watercolor painting is of a field of sunflowers. Sunflowers and the color yellow are my favorites and that is why I chose to paint this field. This was a challenging piece has I have never done anything like this but I could not have been more happy with the results.

Telluride times: I wanted to do something for this photoshop assignment. I wanted it to look unreal and tell a story. I struggle with time, I procrastinate and I cant count the amount of times that I’ve wished to go back in time. I put that into my work as I show a little girl clinging to the hand of the clock trying to pull back or keep up with time. Its hard enough keeping up with the quickly moving clock that represents life. Sometimes you just have to hold on tight and try your best to enjoy the ride. This ride is quick. For some the ride is longer but for others its quicker than most. Enjoy this ride we call life because it does come to a stop, everyone including you and me.

Multi-Layered Art Project: This light box was created through layers and than printed out in a laser engraver. These engraved papers are than physically layered together with a light behind them so you can see the contrast in dimension.


Logline: Two boys, Grayson and Davey, who despise each other come across a flyer while bumping into one another, both want to win the competition and end up having to learn that team work is the dream work.

Overview: Who doesn’t want to win a competition and crush their opponent? These boys are determined to go at it alone and are not willing to cave in for help or to work with one another. They struggle to work at it alone and continuously keep colliding with one another. Is it just horrible karma or is it fate telling the two to come together? After a back and forth battle in Grayson’s mind and a long struggle between the two trying to work by themselves. Grayson with slight shame and embarrassment, drags his feet towards where his enemy sits. The two awkwardly sit on two sides of the bench, Davey still unclear about Grayson, scoots farther away. Grayson tries to break the resentment by suggesting to work together. Davey soon looks over at Grayson and lets go of the anger that they both had. With the resentment gone, they conjoin in working together. They share their strengths and help each others weaknesses. Together they are able to make something great. They won something far more valuable than a film competition, they won friendship and learned teamwork.

Where we filmed: We filmed on mountain views school campus. For act one we started in the hall ways as they bump into each other and notice the flyer. They move to the quad where they are working at separate tables till they are fed up with even being in the same area as one another. They both start trying to shoot on their own in the science quad but sooner than later cave in and start working with one another in the hallway and on the bench located in the science quad.