A Zenith project can be anything you want it to be as long as it is pushing you to grow your skills. For my Zenith project, I filmed the reenactment of two TV show intros. That 70’s show and Gilmore Girls. This project has pushed my film skills as I am still new to it. I was able to do something different and still get some laughs out of it. I started the film program at freestyle at the beginning of this year, but using the skills that we have been taught and learning skills from others I was able to film this by myself. Not only was the physical filming hard, but try having your actors be your family…it was an adventure. It was fun to go back through footage and see all of us argue, we were than able to laugh about it. This lead to the family having a discussion about needing to be nicer to one another. I guess my patience for my family was also tested and “to be nicer” is another thing I took away from this Zenith project.

Check it out! 2021 Zenith Celebration by AlexH – YouTube