Story Telling

Story Telling

Modern Convenience

While this photo is not the phone I use often I think this photo shows how important this item is to people and not just me. The first phone call was made in 1876. Phones have evolved and improved in so many different ways as they have lived with us through the decades and even centuries. I love my phone, especially in this time where we are all so far apart, it offers a way to come closer and to still have those connections. The older phone that hangs in my house shows how this necessity stands through many years as it is and was a modern convenience. I made this photo black and white to emphasize that we have moved on to the new and better versions but this one still has the same main function our phones do that we have now. While I could technically live without my phone I would really prefer not too. It does so much for me especially during this crazy time the ability to connect with others is so important.

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