This photo was taken while I was hiking. I saw this shoe absorbed in the cracking mud. Someone had gotten stuck! I can relate to this instance as I too feel stuck sometimes. I feel like I do the same things everyday and I’m not progressing. Just like the person who left the shoe behind to move on, I too have made a goal to do something new and different each week. I want to look forward to new things and not stay stuck in the ever ending loop. By showing others this image I can show that just because this is a crazy time and we may feel like we do the same thing everyday, we can change that. Even small things to change up your day or week can make a difference. This image relates to this weeks theme of work because there is a lot that we don’t know in this picture leaving us with a mystery. There is a lesson to be learned from this photo as we can see an example of someone else’s struggle. While this picture is not showing how people struggle in the work place, I believe this image shows a bigger struggle and can represent struggling though many things.

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