In my podcast I talked about organization and the benefits that come from it. I got this idea through cleaning my own room as I prepare for college. This got me thinking about how students all over have things they need to organize and may need reasons as to why they should get started.

My name is Alexandria Heatherly and I attend mountain view high school. I love art, music and the outdoors. I am the type of person to be really organized and than slack off. Its a repeating process that needs some changes. While researching for this podcast I too convinced myself of more than a handful of reasons as to why I should get and stay organized.

I am apart of a program called freestyle. A student chooses an elective out of the three choices, film, design, and animation along with taking English and digital media. We are always doing new and interesting things. An assignment we were given was to make a podcast. While I have never made one before I was excited! I chose this topic not just because it applied to what was going on in my life but because organization is applicable to everyone.

My inspiration for this podcast was cleaning my own room and having recently visited, one of my now favorite stores, the container store.

2021 Podcast By AlexH by Freestyle Academy | Free Listening on SoundCloud

What I learned from this podcast is that there are so many benefits to being organized not just the physical aspect of things being put away and clean. Tackle the mess bit by bit and portion by portion don’t over load and hate organizing, learn to love it as you better yourself and your surroundings.