About me

A picture of me in Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

My name is Alex Sharp. I’m currently a junior at Los Altos High and taking classes at Freestyle. My core values in life are art and my friends and family. I value art because it’s what brings meaning to my life and I value my friends and family because they are my supporters.

Some things I like to do outside of school are hang out with my friends, watch movies, and draw. I like to do digital art from time to time.

During this year I hope to improve my skills as a filmmaker and get a better understanding of possible careers in film. Also, I hope to learn some useful skills in Digital Media such as how to use Adobe apps and how to design a website. Below are some animation and film projects I did in the past.

An animation project I did recently
A video where I go through my animation process.
A short film I took in one shot.