Personal Projects

Hello and welcome to my personal projects page!

This page in not organized linearly.  It hosts art that I do outside of freestyle. I love art and enjoy sharing my passion. As I mentioned in my About Me section, I love trying out different forms of art.




This image was a gift to a friend for their birthday. Since their favorite character at the time was the protagonist Link from The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, I drew him for them.




Blue Mountains:

Blue Mountain is an oil pastel drawing that I did in sophomore year of high school for an art class. I was inspired for this after traveling to the Galapagos and seeing the odd shapes in the islands. I wanted to convey some of that whimsy.


Decaying Wyrm (yes that is how its spelled)

This is an acrylic painting. I have always loved the look of mythical animals. Helping out at a local LARP (Live Action Role Play) league I wanted to create a visual for some of the weird creatures that occupy they fantasy worlds my friends and I created.

Country House

This is an acrylic painting. I did this painting in an art class. Across the street from the art studio, there is a park that has a house in it. As part of the class we went into the park and painted the house from different angles.



This water color painting is meant to convey the feeling of mystery and whimsy. I used purples and blues to make an unearthly feel, magnifying the pink tree.