the podcast unit required me to choose a topic and create a short podcast about it. the topic i chose was cosplaym in partucular expirences ranging from building to the con going expirence.

For my podcast I talked about cosplay. I chose cosplay because its a really amazing and creative hobby that i partake in. its so diverse in how it can be done, from shirts to complex dresses or body suits or any other imaginable outfit. Cosplay is an incredibly unique hobby because ANYONE can do it, if someone doesn’t like building? There are plenty of ways to buy pre-made costumes. While the cosplay community isn’t perfect, its a fun and general open place, where I along with many other people have made friends, 

About the podcasters: the two people are Allison Moser (cosplay name fug0th) and Shannon Mills (cosplay name s.trke) both cosplay a variety of characters.

reflection: from the podcast i learned a lot about how to edit audio smoothly and to switch between multiple clips in a way that isnt jarring to the listener.