About Me

Hi, I’m Astrid Huang. I was student at Freestyle Academy (Class of 2020). At Freestyle, I took English Honors, Digital Media, and Design. The main reason that I joined Freestyle was to expand and further my digital art skills, which I don’t have very much experience with. I’m specifically drawn to photography and learning the tricks of Photoshop. Throughout my time at Freestyle, I was given opportunities to use Adobe softwares and have my own camera, which are opportunities that I’ve always wanted. I’ve learned about other Adobe programs and the magic they can provide for my art.

Outside of Freestyle, you can find me taking photos around the city but specifically at sports games, watching sunsets, playing basketball, exploring the cities around me with my friends, especially the food places, volunteering at my church’s Sunday school, or at the park. City life excites me, just seeing the hustle and bustle of the city life brightens my mood. Traveling also excites me, I love being able to explore new places and seeing what the beautiful place has to offer so most of my works are travel photos or videos.

As a returning senior, I was really excited for the design projects that I’ll be doing as a senior. Especially with a year of experience now in Adobe applications, I’m excited to see where my design goes this coming year. Switching from PM to AM, allowed me to be influenced from a different group of peers to better my skills in design.

I plan to study industrial design in college with a minor in marketing.

I loved Freestyle Academy, it not only provided me amazing designs for my portfolio but it also provided an amazing group of teachers that would be your number one fan when you succeeded and would pick you up when your project didn’t turn out like you wanted and an amazing community, some of which I’m proud to say are my best friends. It also provided me the things and skill sets that I need to become a creative designer.

My advice for seniors is don’t give up, ask for help, try to turn assignments in on time, take more pictures and videos of memories on campus, and always remember when there is no wind, row.