About This Podcast:

In this episode, Brandon and I break down an igloo and how it works. It started with a question in a car ride and now it’s turned into an episode of our podcast.

Podcasters Bio:

Astrid and Brandon are both second year students at Freestyle Academy and seniors at Mountain View High School. 

Astrid hopes to study industrial design and marketing at a four year college next year. You can find her exploring cities, taking photos, and hunting for good food places.

Brandon make edits to movies and anime in his free time, and aspires to be a photographer for famous music artists. Outside of school, you will see him playing basketball, video games, or listening to music.

Introduction Section:

We are doing this podcast unit to strengthen our storytelling skills, this time in an only audio way. Podcasting makes a unique and powerful story and is becoming a popular form of storytelling. Our inspiration for this podcast drew form the Radiolab podcast that we listened to about plants which take a scientific approach to the podcast, something we try to emulate in an entertaining way.

Process Section:

Brandon and I started by writing our script. I did the research about igloos while Brandon created the structure of our podcast and the music we would be using. He also incorporated creative ideas like “ICE FACTS”. Then, we went into the studio and using Reason, we recorded our podcast. We’re now editing our podcast by cutting parts where we fumbled our words and adding music.

Brandon and I working in the recording studio to record our podcast.


I really liked this podcast unit because I am more familiar with visual storytelling, so it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I think it was a challenge to do this podcast because not only did I work with a partner, I also had to find a way to make it engaging. Though working with Brandon was fun and made our podcast interesting, I think it was hard to divide the work, while including the required research sources that I needed for Honors and planning enough time to bring our story to life. 

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