The Zenith project is a chance for seniors to explore a section of interest one last time before we graduate. Eren and I decided to work together to create an online subscription box. We chose to make three boxes, one for happiness, one for love, and one for confidence. We wanted to spread a positive message through these boxes that could be bought for yourself or someone you love. Eren and I divided the work, I created the tshirt and wall sticker design while Eren handled the sticker and keychain designs. We wanted to print my tshirts with the tshirt printer, Eren’s keychains with the 3D printer, and our stickers with the Cricket printer but due to the shift of school at home, we put them on a website for you to see our work instead.

I first started by sketching out some of my designs then I transferred them to Adobe Illustrator.

Sketches Example:

Eren created a website.