About Me

Hi, I’m August! I’m a student at Freestyle Academy. I enjoy garment construction, curating music, and dressing up. I’m a synth in marching band and enjoy arranging music. I’m glad to have this opportunity at Freestyle because hopefully it will help me better understand my creative ambitions.

In the past year, my resolve and aspirations have grown. I’m still not sure what I want to be, but I’m confident that with the digital art skills I’ve developed and the work ethic I’ve created, I’m going to thrive in senior year. I find growth to be more important than perfection. I’ve learned to take myself less seriously.

Design is going to become a part of my life for good, whether it’s a passion in itself or it simply seeps into my life. I’m so excited for the coming years, and I’m ready to handle anything.

Yes, I’m queer