I am strangely optimistic about the future, and this old TV that my friend let me borrow has been teaching me about the technology of the 90’s. This amazes me because of how far mankind has come along technologically.

Current Events

One current event that we cannot ignore because it has infiltrated the daily lives of people worldwide, is the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the news going off every day attempting to get a grasp of the situation, the media has been going crazy. I took a picture on my tv of the news, and hoped that …


Ever since I’ve come to freestyle, I am always working on new projects and whatnot. This is a photo of one of my timelines for my projects, it was refreshing to really take a step back and see the beautiful mess of a timeline that was in front of my eyes.


Pink Siifu, one of my favorite upcoming artists, is an extremely eccentric character. He’s unlike any rapper I’ve ever heard, yet still retains the same quality about him that I love from 90’s hip hop. I wanted to create a design to kind of accentuate the chaotic nature of his words and demeanor.

Who Inspires You

AllBlack, one of my favorite rappers, is one of my inspirations to work harder in life. When I finally got to photograph him at a festival, it felt like a testament to myself that I was taking this photo of an artists that I had admired for so long.