The goal of the Reflections unit was to sincerely look into ourselves, and, well, reflect. We were told to really analyze ourselves, our lives, and everything leading up to this point in our lives. And with all this, we were presented with a question. “Who Am I?”

This was… difficult. As someone who spends most of his time just focused on his work to think about what and who I am, this was something that had never been asked of me before. Throughout this unit, I learned a lot about myself and my creative potential as I played around with Photoshop and After Effects. I connected with my mother in a way I never had before as I wrote a narrative lyrical essay from her point of perspective as a poor child living in Korea. This unit was truly a unique experience and one that I can appreciate for the challenges, art forms, and personal growth imposed on me.

Essence Objects List

  • yellow laced black van’s
  • apple earbuds with mangled wires
  • 90’s rap tees
  • worn down spalding basketball
  • japanese brand side bag
  • 2013 “lob city” clippers jersey