Hello! My name is Brandon Choi, and I am a senior at Mountain View High School and Freestyle Academy. I take the Film, Digital Media, and English classes which I believe will help my aspirations to be a video editor for music videos and curate the skills to help me broaden my work interests. I’ve worked with a couple of underground artists and clothing brands.

Both my parents are Korean immigrants, and I am extremely proud of my Korean heritage. My Korean name is 최은섭 and I speak the language fluently.

Outside of school, you will see me playing basketball, video games, or listening to music. I’ve played the flute and piano; flute for 6 years and piano for only 3. I love music, and my music taste ranges from R&B to soul, rap to alternative, Korean rap, and much more. Music is a huge part in my life and basically influences my everyday life. When I was a sixth grader, I first saw A$AP Rocky on the XXL Freshmen magazine, and I was blown away by his fashion and creativity. I admit with no shame that I looked like an oversized, Asian Rocky for most of my middle school years.

I make edits to movies and anime in my free time, and I also aspire to be a photographer for famous music artists. My aesthetic and ideas are highly influenced by artists such as MF Doom and A$AP Rocky, because their music and creativity is very hidden but beautiful. They have a sort of mysterious aura around their names and the ways they constantly portray themselves is beyond anything I can imagine.

I have been working with multiple artists such as 1TakeJay, Lil Tjay, Far East Movement, and Dumbfoundead, to say a few. I have shot photos for big events like Rolling Loud, edited music videos for record labels Empire and Transparent Agency, and created designs for startups such as The Hyped Advisor. You can see all of my work on my Portfolio Page!