Exploring my passion.

Essentially, the Explorations project gave me the opportunity to venture out on my own and pursue something out of my comfort zone.

For my Explorations project, I decided to explore 3D animation, which is something that I have always been scared of. I wanted to improve on my 21st century skill of Self-Direction, as I knew that I would get discouraged multiple times while attempting to do this.


I first downloaded Cinema 4D, which is an professional grade 3D modeling application. Anything you see on TV, the news, ESPN, all the graphics are probably done with Cinema 4D. I learned how to 3D model from YouTube tutorials, and these screenshots are small parts of my process.


I ended up having to redo much of my 3D animation multiple times, due to my files being corrupted 3 times, which basically means that they are unable to be opened and have to be deleted. I finished successfully, and I think I was satisfied with my 3D animation.


I made the infographic using Photoshop, and I enjoyed the process a ton.


I LOVED this process!! I love trying new things so this was extremely beneficial for me to learn due to all the trial and error. I know a lot about 3D animating, and now I can try to attempt other 3D animations.