About This Podcast

Brandon and Astrid are pretty good friends, but that also means they have pretty pointless conversations. This podcast serves to answer the dumb questions that Brandon thinks of. This particular episode concentrates on igloos; the forgotten king of households in the arctic regions. They explore the purpose of igloos, the origins, and why they’re just so dang fun!

Podcaster Bios

Brandon is an energetic, full of life, senior with ADHD. He has always wondered why igloos never collapse in on themselves and wants to figure out a way to cure ADHD

Astrid secretly thinks Brandon is super funny, but doesn’t like to admit it often. She loves to play basketball in 10th grade.

Why Podcast?

One of the most important things we were thinking about while creating this podcast was: why do we need to make this topic into a podcast? Podcasts are a great way to express with words, perhaps the purest way to do so.

We were inspired a lot by NPR’s RadioLab, where they answer a lot of questions with cold, hard research.

Behind the Scenes

In the classroom, editing!

We really valued the opportunity we were given to provide a cool, new perspective to podcasts and be able to utilize our creativity to the fullest in this podcast.