The word Zenith means, “the time at which something is most powerful or successful”, which I think is a pretty good way to sum up our two years at Freestyle.

This final project was certainly a good way for us to test our skills, especially our endurance, as we were just coming off of our Senior Narrative film.


During the “slums” of the Documentary Project junior year, Natalie Hu and I were so discouraged by our documentary in Animation that we just wanted to think of a better time in the future, the Zenith project. We thought of this name, “ANTISEPTIC”.

Antiseptic: scrupulously clean or pure

Having this in mind, senior year, we started to choose our models. One model we had in mind was Katherine Sun, one of my best friends. Upon talking about the project, we realized that Katherine did not have a solid Zenith idea, when I had the brilliant idea of bringing her onto the team, as she was also an excellent Film student. So then, we had our gang.

the gang; left to right, Katherine, Natalie, Brandon

Overall, the Zenith experience was great for me. Surrounded by two of my favorite people, our creative juices were allowed to spark and flow like they never got to do before. And even though unfortunately our original plans were thwarted by the Corona virus, I still can look back fondly of the memories of brainstorming and having fun with Natalie and Katherine.

Antiseptic is not done however, and we WILL be back, to finish our original vision.

Finished Project ( kind of)

A recap of our brainstorming and fun times

Here me talk about our Zenith project.