Self Portrait

What is on my dresser in that picture are things that have been there for 10+ years, more than 50% of my life. Although they do not represent everything about me, they do give a pretty accurate representation of who I am and what I grew up on.

Film Noir

My friend, Guy Rosenberg, has a very chaotic yet warm personality. He has an intenseness that you rarely get to see in anyone, and it is always a treat to see him. I wanted to accent the dark shadows on the side of his face.

Modern Convenience

One of my favorite rappers growing up as a middle schooler was Mac Miller. He came to his tragic death in 2018 due to a Fentanyl overdose. I am 100% not condoning the use of cigarettes, but this flyer reminiscent of the old Newport Cigarette advertisements felt like a proper homage to the lifestyle this …