Carly Watson

Carly with her Giraffe Halloween Costume
Glad you “Spotted” My Page!

Welcome! My name is Carly Watson and I am a current Junior at Los Altos High and Freestyle Academy. Freestyle is amazing because of all the creative projects and opportunities it provides. Although I love all things art and english-y, my favorites are curling up with a good book, creative writing, and exploring new ideas through different mediums of art. I am in Film and Digital Media, both of which I have been thoroughly enjoying. As seen in the photo above, I like making my own halloween costumes. Recently, I undertook a challenge to cook a dish from every single country in the world. Cooking and baking has always been a joy, especially when it is with my four sisters. I’m glad you are here, so stick around and check out some of my projects!

When I look back on Junior year, I am overwhelmed with even where to start. Bouncing from distance learning to in-person to hybrid definitely made things more complicated than usual, but overall, I had a wonderful time and learned so many new things. My favorite unit during this year was the narrative unit because I love stories and I loved all of the projects we got to do for each class. Writing a story, drawing an album cover for it, and then filming my own narrative was a rewarding experience that made me realize that working on projects does not feel like work if I am excited about it. I’m looking forward to next year and can not wait to see what future projects I will be able to work on!