About Me

Hello, my name is


I was just a small town boy

Living in a lonely world (Irvine)

One day I took the midnight train (I moved)

Going anywhereeeeeee (Mountainview)


Hope you enjoyed that, I’m very proud of myself for doing it.

I’m not that interesting of a person; I like writing stories and entertaining people, which seems to be missing from a lot of young writers I meet.

I support the Oxford comma because it follows the use of the commas original purpose, to dictate small pauses in speech.

Sometimes I come off as rude and condescending. I don’t like this aspect of me since I enjoy making people happy. The progress I’ve made in fixing it so far is to think about what I say before saying it. Before I say something I think is funny, I try and think if it’s putting someone down. If it is, I don’t say it, since while everyone else may laugh, that person I put down won’t, and that’s not any fun.

In this little website, you’ll find a bunch of my freestyle work, some of its snazzy, some of it not so much, but that’s ok, not everything we create will be amazing. If we view all of our work as practice instead of as finished products, then none of it can is bad, only steps of improvement.


Youll also finds some creative writing, up in the tab called creative writing, not very obvious I know. ┬áIt’s all personal work, as freestyle is much more focused on auditory and visual art rather than literary art. Its ab it disappointing, but I understand. Its called Freestyle Academy of Communication Arts and Technology.


I hope you enjoy my work.

With that ill be on my way, may your day be bright and your future brighter, always wear your seatbelt and be sure to floss, its an important part of dental hygene.


(That’s a picture of me, I don’t look that good in real life, the lighting is just really nice.

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