Zenith Project

The zenith project is a two-month project where every senior at Freestyle Academy gets to choose a project that they are passionate about. It’s a self-picked, and self-graded final project that is meant to challenge and excite us.

My zenith project revolved around 3d modeling. In short, I would create 3d models, and present them in a slideshow once their all done. The part that would be challenging for me, is that I would have to learn new methods and techniques for 3d modeling.

I am very lucky that my zenith project incorporates most of the things I’ve learned from my animation class. I will be using most of the skills I’ve learned to finish this project

Progress Images: My Zenith Progress images can be found in the gallery below, where the progress of my ability can be seen



My finished project can be found below, it is a video where I go over what I created in my zenith project, and what I learned. because my zenith project was more about learning 3d modeling, if I were to post all the pictures of my work, this page would be massive. As such, the video, which has everything I made, is where my art is.



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