3D Animation Work, School Work and Personal


Over the course of the current school year, I made a lot of projects in Maya. Most at home, some in class, and some in class that should have been done at home so I could pay attention to the class instead. Wherever these projects were done, I can say with certainty that I made countless mistakes, watched many youtube tutorials, and in the end, learned more than I thought possible. Below are the pictures and videos that, while not entirely complete, catalog my progress through Maya. I would like to thank my animation teacher, Adriana Copete, for introducing me to Maya, and to the seemingly idiotic decision to join animation at the start of my junior year, knowing that I knew next to nothing about drawing or animation 

House Model

Tail Rigging Work 

Model of a head, at this point I still didn’t understand how to make eyes or ears

Animation Work, the character is not mine, but all the animation work done, is. 

Wizard Shroom top-down perspective

Face with sky background. from this work, I learned how to create sky backgrounds, and what happens when you render objects with holes in them.

Character Waving. I managed to dig up a character model in Maya that was free for use. It included a character with as well. 

Rigging Work. Early on in my understanding of Maya, I created a very simple 8 point rig that I could control

Head Turning.

Rigged Driftloon



Katamari leg rigged

Wizard Shroom, front perspective

Apple with a worm in it

Hand with a broken rig. One of the earliest projects I did, I managed to somehow break the rig so that when I tried to move the fingers, this happens. 

Fork with Legs and Cowboy Hat. Not sure why I made this, but I’m happy I did


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