About Me

Haley Grant

I am so excited to be a freestyle student! I love the campus as it creates a comforting and expressive environment. Everyone is super inclusive and supportive, including the teachers! I have always been creative and interested in expressing myself through creativity. I danced competitively for many years, then switched to doing varsity cheer my first two years of high school. Now I have started freestyle, what I like to call the new little chapter in my life, that I am hoping will let me explore myself deeper into finding out what I want to do for a living. I come from a big family, two older brothers, and a twin sister, and of course my two loving dogs! I am super passionate about helping others and being able to help people express and embrace themselves and be confident in what they have. I feel I have already learned tools and furthered my understanding of this at freestyle and I can’t wait to see where it takes me! I would say what I value about the most at freestyle is the people and the environment. I also super value all of the tools and gadgets we have access too! They definitely allow you to open your eyes to a whole new seemingly feild of creativity. When I say I value the people, I mean I value every single individual here at freestyle. There is not one person who I won’t say a friendly hello to on campus, and I usually get the same in return. As well, I feel like the environment creates a good support system as, yes, the classes are smaller, but I think that allows for more personal connections to be made. So far I have loved my time at freestyle, and I can’t wait for more.