In our weekly photo blog, one of the weekly challenges was to take photos of things, people, or places that inspire us.

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    This weeks photo blog was to be inspired by music, I chose to interpret this as “use music to inspire you”. So I put in some earphones and went outside with my camera to go see what I would be inspired by. As I was listening to my “happy songs” playlist, I captured this photo. I have always loved these Japanese trees with such beautiful buds. I knew this photo was the one when I opened it up on my computer on a big screen and was able to also see how bright the sky is and how it created almost like an opening in the photo. So though, it…

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    This weeks photo challenge was inspired by work. I used to work as a lifeguard but since COVID has hit hard I have not been able to return to work. I have picked up odd jobs and walking dogs. This image is a picture of one of the dogs I walk, Bella. She is the sweetest little girl ever! She is always full of energy and never wants to leave the park. She is SUPER fast and can even keep up with the big dogs! I really enjoy walking dogs, even though it doesn’t give me much of an income at all. I love animals and it makes me get…

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    The Elements – Earth, Fire, Wind, Rain, and Spirit

    This weeks challenge was to be inspired by the natural elements of the Earth. I chose this picture as I took it when I was out on a walk. I always love capturing nature in all of its beauty. I thought this picture was especially astonishing because of the vibrant colors in the flowers. Even if from the side it looks just like a white flower. This picture itself makes me feel free and refreshed and even inspired when I look at it, and I hope that others are as well.

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    This weeks photo challenge was to be inspired by gratitude, especially since Thanksgiving is coming up soon. Now I always have gratitude for my family and friends and all the many things I am blessed to have in my life, however I chose this image of a blooming rose to represent my gratitude to the Earth. Not only the beauty it provides in nature but the escape or peace that nature can give to one. Over the past many months going through quarantine and COVID one thing that I realized was how thankful I was for the things that brought me simple pleasures in life, like flowers, hikes outside in…

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    Who Inspires You

    This weeks photo challenge was to take a picture of someone who inspires you. I chose to take this picture of Amara Lin, a fellow freestyle student and also my best friend. Amara and I have been through thick and thin together, but despite it all, we have become stronger and closer then ever. Amara inspires me every single day to be the best version of me. Artistically, Amara inspires and most definitely challenges me. She inspires me out of pure love and in every action she makes she is not only helping but inspiring others as well. I am more then blessed to have her in my life to…

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    This epic panoramic photo represents my habits as I love the outdoors, especially in Discovery Bay. With COVID this summer was “ruined” for most and even though I felt that way at the beginning i realized how lucky I was to have another family home in Discovery Bay. I spent almost the whole summer there and was even able to have a few friends up there once we were all tested negative before. The sunsets are out of this world as you can see. I spend every single night watching the whole thing and taking photos with my camera. My habit is seeing and picturing the beauty of nature and…

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    This week we had a photo challenge to be inspired by exits. “Every exit is an entry to somewhere else” was the quote we were given to help us find direction. After reading that quote I knew exactly what picture I would use. This picture is from the past weekend, we were celebrating my brothers 22nd birthday, and my mom pointed out the sky. When I looked up I felt like I saw the gates to heaven right there in the sky and so that is the exit in this picture. Some have different beliefs and personally I am not religious but I do believe our souls go up. I…

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    Telling A Lie

    This week’s photo challenge was to tell a lie in a photo. Immediately I thought of perspective photos, something I love doing with friends and family just for a good laugh. I have my sister here and the secret behind this picture is that I was holding the cup above my camera high enough so my hand was not in the frame, but enough of the cup was so you could tell what it was. This makes it look like the cup is falling onto my sister and like it is big enough to completely contain her whole body. And so, I told you all a lie in this picture!

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    This week’s challenge was to portray what serenity meant to me. I chose to take this picture at one of my favorite places at sunset since I think sunsets are super peaceful and pretty and allow one’s mind to escape. These are the things I think of when I think of serenity, something that makes you happy and carefree, and something that takes your breath away, giving you a sense of tranquility. My friend, Naomi, demonstrates the carefree happiness I am trying to portray with her smile and utter happiness.

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    No Filter

    The requirements for this photo was simply to have no filter or editing done to the photo after taking it. I chose to take a picture of these blue garage doors that I thought nicely complimented the sky. There are also some red tiles on the front of the store next to it and a bright yellow fire hydrant on the left. These elements I included to catch the viewer’s eye as with no filters added things couldn’t be enhanced. I also wanted something simplistic with good lighting so that editing wasn’t necessary.