Story Telling

In our weekly photo blog, one of the weekly challenges was to take photos that tell a story.

  • Story Telling

    Film Noir

    This weeks photo challenge was to tell a story using film noir. Film noir is a filter often used in crime movies and other genres that evoke a dark and moody vibe. I chose to use this photo that I took of this baby deer leg that had been caught and eaten. I thought this photo was perfect for the theme as it is definitely a mystery and there is also some sadness and darkness as this animal used to be alive and living. I think it especially ties it in since the bone seemed to be somewhat fresh as you can see the little hairs and the hoof is…

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    Modern Convenience

    This weeks photo challenge was to capture a picture in an advertising-like style of some piece of technology that we could not live without. I chose to capture this image of my friends car (I was not driving), to represent cars. Being able to travel at such faster speeds than a bike or running or a horse and carriage, I think I couldn’t live without cars. For me cars also provide a sense of freedom and an escape. I love getting out of the house and just going on drives especially to viewpoints to take pictures and take in the fresh air. I chose to take this picture during sunset…

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    This weeks photo challenge was to tell the story of seasons through an image. I took this image up at the top of Westwind Preserve where the barn is. Capturing the rich saturation of color in the leaves that are slowly dying you see some of them are red while others are yellow and some even brown. Some branches have more leaves on it to keep it warm while others have much fewer. This tells the story of fall, as the leaves start to change colors and die and fall off the tree until it is bare for winter.

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    Color without Color

    This weeks photo challenge was to tell a story through a photograph, but without color. For my image having no color actually fit very well, as the skies were cloudy. I think this tells the story of the sky in a way as it is cloudy and dark and kinda sad. I chose to also include the telephone poles and wires to help one better perceive the photo as the sky is endless. The telephone pole stabilizes that thought. I chose to take this at an upward angle with me down on the street as I thought it added a more interesting story and perspective to look at.

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    Friends and Family

    This weeks photo challenge was to tell the story of a friend or family member in a picture. Here is one of my friends, Eddie, I walk him and his sister Judy every day. I chose to use this picture of Eddie as this is what I would say best describes him, it is his favorite thing to do, and he will do it on anyone. Usually he likes to chew his ball on my foot but in this picture he was on my leg, making it easier to get a good picture of his cute face! Eddie is super friendly and loving, but that ball, oh I think he…

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    My Culture

    I chose to represent my culture by this photo of me outside on the grass in Foothills Park. This is a park super close to my house that is just beautiful. I love going there to spend time outside with fresh air and feel the sunshine on my skin. I always end up taking millions of photos there because it is just so pretty and has such amazing light. This represents my culture because I like to spend time outside and bond with my friends. This picture embodies that as well as the amazing color and light shown through the leaves.

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    The challenge this week was to produce a picture that represented freedom. I chose to take a picture of this amazing lily I found in my backyard. I love this image and the detail and simplicity it holds. Freedom to me can mean a million things, but I think more than anything freedom is being. This flower to me represented freedom as it is the sole lily mixed in with other greenery and flowers. As well it is white, which means it could easily be dyed a certain color or get dirty if dirt got on it, but it is open to possibilities because it has that freedom of changing…

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    This week we were assigned to tell the story of a stranger, through just a picture. Seemingly impossible challenge, but thats what these are all about! Pushing and pursuing our thoughts and imaginations. So here is what I came up with is a picture of my dog, Rocky. Now he is pretty old but still acts like a puppy. Though he may not be a stranger to me, and sure I could tell you his story based on how I see it through my eyes, animals can’t communicate by words to humans. So in reality Rocky can be seen as a stranger. I chose to take this picture of him…

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    I chose to tell the story of aging through eyes and experience. This picture to me represents not only the visible difference that one has as they age but the things that they see and experience throughout more years of life. As well as the different perspectives they may have of life and how they see the world versus how someone who is young sees the world. I chose to use my twin sister on the left and my mom on the right to demonstrate the story of aging.

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    The assignment for this photo was to incorporate a shadow. Now I love shadows and playing with light in photos. I think it is a huge element in how others perceive the image. I have this little trinket that you see here in the picture that actually lights up in the dark, I have the light off in the photo, but I used natural light coming through my window to make it look as if it was glowing. However, something even cooler is that since the object I used is translucent one can see the color reflected onto the carpet as red or green, not just a black shadow.

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