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“How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?”


Throughout this unit and semester, we got to express our creativity with poetry, music, art, films, and web production. We learned a wide variety of techniques and skills that helped us discover our distinct personal aesthetic. Having access to modern professional equipment and applications like DSLR Cameras, Audio Recorders, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Avid Pro Tools, and WordPress I was able to create some pieces that I am very proud of that are shown below.


For one of our first projects this year, we were tasked to create a Haiku in Digital Media and English. The Haiku created has to display some connection to a season. We began this process by getting randomly assigned a concept statement. Mine was “I’m exploring the feeling of yearning through driving. Here is my finished video haiku.

Here is the interface we used to edit the video together

This project taught me a lot about producing and creating a final project. It probably has been one of my favorite projects we have done since it connected all three of my Freestyle classes.


For this assignment, we were instructed to write a poem then take a photo that represents it. Combined we created a finished poem. I diced to do an ekphrastic poem which means I based it on a sculpture found in the SFMOMA.

The String of Life by Josh Gefken
Click the image to see the poem
Listen to my Free Verse Poem Intention Statment
We used Pro Tools to edit the poem together
Photoshop was used to edit the visual aspect of the free verse poem

The poetry assignment was overall really exciting and fun. I learned so much about Pro Tools and Photoshop that now my friends are coming to me to photoshop their Instagram photos for them. I liked this project so much I decided to write a poem for my English final based on the musical artist Mehro.

Elements & Principles of Art

The Elements & Principles of Art was a slide show we created showing the different elements, styles, and principles of art.

Elements and Principles of Art Title Page


In the film class, we have been pushed and challenged all year long, But it’s been really rewarding to see my vision come to screen. our first main project was the Experimental Film. We were tasked to produce a film based on the concept statement giving to us for our photo haiku. Here is my original film synopsis.

Original Film Synopsis
“I’m exploring the Feeling of Yearning Through Driving.”
Premiere Pro was used to edit and create the final film

The process of completing the film above took quite a bit of time. First, we pitched our idea to the class for feedback. Then we shot our dailies and got feedback. We finally edited a rough cut then the final cut. Overall I really enjoyed this film and I’m excited to start production on my Narrative Flim next semester.