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“How do you creatively and truthfully portray a significant person, group, place, idea, or issue in the community?”

For this year’s Junior Documentary Project, I portrayed an intriguing person and place while gathering primary and secondary research sources to develop a unique perspective about my subject’s significance in the community and world. The research-based paper from English serves as the copy for the magazine article in Design and a film, commercial, and website. This unit emphasizes narrative-style journalism.

For my documentary, I researched my family’s experiences in Yosemite National Park. My vision for all three of my freestyle classes was to produce something beautiful that really captures Yosemite as a whole.

Half Dome

Overall I am really happy with what I produced and this unit this year was by far my favorite. I learned so much about my family’s experiences in Yosemite National Park and how it shaped my love for nature as well.

Research Paper

In English, we took our interviews, made a transcript then turned it into a paper that showed my dad’s memories of Yosemite. I learned so much about stories my parents told me like encounters with Sugar Plum the bear and barn dancing on Saturday evenings. You can access my full article by clicking the photo below.

Camp Curry

Intro Video & Magazine Article

In Digital Media, I did two main projects, my Intro Video which was a short commercial for my final full-length documentary film, and my 6-page Magazine Article. Here is my Intro Vid which describes my Dad Paul, Aunt Lisa, Grandfather Robbert, and my dad’s friend Mike’s encounter with Sugar Plum the bear while camping in Little Yosemite.

Intro Video

Next, here is my real Magazine Article based off of my Research Paper and film Documentary. Click on the photo to see my full article.

Sunset in Yosemite
Mirror Lake


In Film class, we first produced our Mockumentary Film. This was a practice assessment to learn the skills needed to produce a real documentary. Like rule of thirds, crisp clean audio, and professional lighting. Here is my mockumentary about the highly debated question: Does pineapple belong on pizza?


Next is my actual documentary about Yosemite. I think out of all the projects I did this year, this was my favorite and the one I am most proud of. I loved going to Yosemite over spring break and filming all the b-roll I used in the film.

Premiere Pro

Finally, here are some photos of my time in Yosemite. Thanks again for coming to my page. This wouldn’t be possible without the help from Lisa and Paul Gefken, Lisa Burton and Freestyle Academy.