The Conceptual Unit

How can I use unconventional forms to express myself?


The goal of this unit was to use unconventional forms to express myself. In english, we chose a couple random phrases from a hat, and used those to guide our projects. Mine was “Exploring the feeling of sadness through the experience of making music”. Some projects, however, were just on their own without this phrase. We used many new programs to make our products. 



Photo Haiku
Free verse poem based on the chosen phrase “exploring the feeling of sadness through the experience of making music”
A poem based off of an exhibit at the SFMOMA, visited on a field trip.

Design Projects:

In design, there were two projects: the transport photo and the conceptual photo. The transport photo helped teach us to see everything as a photography subject by forcing me to find a picture of wheels to photograph. The conceptual helped me break down my concept quote into something I could photograph.

Transport photo, 2 shopping carts by the Caltrain station.

Transport Artist’s Statement

Conceptual photograph, a glass wind chime over a rose.

Conceptual Artist’s Statement


In animation, we began to make short animations, finally making one longer one based on our phrase. These were all hand-drawn, not a way people tend to make animation any more, but learning alternate forms of animation taught me a lot.



The animated poem project. I used my photo haiku to animate the words, and used various forms of hand-animation to animate. I did paper by paper for the lady walking, using ink and watercolor. For the fish I used marker and paper cut outs. The leaves were made from sand and ink and marker.


Phenakitoscope Wheel

A phenakitoscope is a type of toy, a very old kind of animation. I used ink and marker to animate a rain drop.


Our class did an exquisite corpse, where one animator makes an animation and the the next animator makes one beginning where the first ended, and so on. the theme was “Average Superheroes”, so I made a guy who can draw things into life, but it sometimes goes wrong. I animated this on paper using pencil.


I was tasked to make a flip book to learn basic animation principals. This is made on index cards with markers. it could technically play in a loop.