Digital Media

Digital Media Productions

What new skills can I learn using technology?


Freedom Project Video:

I had the opportunity to make any time-based media I wanted for the freedom project. I chose to create a fake product, and then create a commercial about it. I wanted to make a project that combined all the classes at Freestyle: Film, Animation, Design, Digital Media, and English, and tried to use skills from all of them to create my video.

We’ve all bought a gorgeous new plant, then immediately forgotten about it. WaterMe is a pot that connects to the WaterMe application on a phone via wifi, and using sensors in the pot, indicates when to water your plant.

In creating the proposal video for WaterMe, I considered what makes an interesting commercial. While listing off the features and pros of my product may be the most obvious route to present it, that’s is not the best way to make someone want my product and take interest in it. Therefore, I took a narrative approach to my proposal; I hope my proposal “sells” feelings of appreciation and friendship despite busy times, attainable through owning a WaterMe system.

I did the writing, direction, filming, editing, color correction, character animation, cinematography, logo design, sound design, original music, and “WaterMe” application design and animation using Adobe Suite programs.


We used illustrator to create a colored and a black and white mandala. The black and white one was laser printed onto a material.


A colored 10-slice mandala
Colored Mandala
A black-and-white 8-slice mandala
Black and White Mandala

In creating my mandala, I valued most getting to learn how to use illustrator to create a reflecting and symmetrical image. I used this technique again to make the poster for exhibition, and it is very useful for making graphics. It is a very versatile skill to know. I also enjoyed deciding every detail of it. It had many parts to it to create one detailed piece, that looked very professional in the end. I also learned how to use special brushes and pen pressure in illustrator to make illustrations, which is also a valuable skill that I am happy to know now.


Creating my Black and White Mandala


EDM Music:

We created an 8 bar EDM song as an exquisite corpse with the rest of our class.

My 8-Bar song section

All senior EDM songs

I valued learning how to use music programs to create a simple song for this unit.