How can I use my skills to create something new?



The Zenith project is the final Freestyle Academy project. To create it, I used all of the skills I had learned over my two years at Freestyle. I chose to create a CD package, with songs and animations on the CD using digital media and animation skills, and design to create the packaging and illustrations. I enjoy animation, digital media, and design, so I chose to do a project that encompassed all of them. I also wanted to create marketing materials, and my project accomplished that goal.

Final Product:

In the end, I created four songs and a CD but had to scrap the animation portion for time. Inside, there is a lyric-book insert.



Video of clips of my songs over illustrations.

Cover Art
Devil’s Advocate Illustration
Chimerian Illustration
Sunshine in the Shade Illustration
Sunshine in the Shade Illustration
Disk and back panel of CD Case illustration

Overall there were a few setbacks but I am proud of the work I did.

Check out my process here!