Narrative II


What is your story?



We created a movie plot, and made some promotional material to go with the movie. I enjoyed learning how to create such materials, and the design work needed to tease a story through simple means.


Poster and Tickets:

A cat and a girl purple silhouette walking across a pink/yellow gradient background.
Minimalist Poster
Ticket inside envelope
Ticket on top of envelope back


My movie is about a girl who lives in the fifties, and her cat. The girl is brought back to life and the two of them go on adventures in the stars. The movie is titled “Here” to represent that the two of them exist together in their world, which would be “here” to them. The movie represents me because I like cats and I tend to daydream a lot, and I wanted the movie to have a dreamy plot.

I chose a pink and yellow color scheme because the movie would be an overall happy movie about the two characters, and pink and yellow are colors that I feel represent the fifties. I also really like those two colors, especially together as a color scheme. I used only the silhouettes of my characters to create a more minimal look, since having two fully illustrated characters would create too many details. The star motif represents the setting of the story, which would partly take place in space like in the movie “The Little Prince”. I chose a script type font to represent the time period of the movie, and also because the movie is a happy movie. I chose to make the background a gradient for aesthetic purposes, as the colors look nice when blended together. The ticket and envelope were created using design elements from the poster, such as the girl and cat and stars. I tried to make them look similar to the poster without looking identical.