Throughout this unit in Digital Media we focused on telling different stories through different mediums. We started painting originally with pastels and then with watercolors. I was surprised at how many different brushes are in Photoshop.

The watercolor painting.
My Final Pastel Painting of a street in Louisville.
My first Photoshop painting of a cat in a vase.

I grew throughout this project by pushing my painting skills to new levels. For the final assignment, I chose to paint a photo that has a lot of intricate detail. Some of those details were pretty difficult to get into the final product. I really did struggle a lot with the finer details because I had a lot of skyscrapers in my painting that all had a lot of windows and as a result, I was unable to get all of the windows into the final product. I eventually just decided to paint the buildings as a whole and not do the windows. The thing I would change would, again, be the windows because I think it would have looked a lot nicer if I had them. I am most proud of the size and amount of objects that are in this painting because I tried to be as accurate to the photo as possible. I will use the ideas I learned in this project to help me in the future when making graphics for other projects. This project helped me interpret others’ art in those colors and other aspects don’t need to be exactly perfect as the original and that’s okay.

My surreal photo that I simply call, Life.

The message of my Surrealism project is that we are all floating through space gradually fading. Eventually, we will be completely gone and all through our lives we’re just trying to hold onto little pieces of ourselves. I grew by using a lot of new tools in Photoshop that I haven’t used before. Some of them I used in previous practice projects but forgot how to use them for this one. I went back to the assignments and rewatched the videos so that I could use them correctly. The biggest struggle I overcame was what images to use and what I wanted to do. It was like that age old conundrum of having too many choices. Personally, I believe that having too many choices can be as paralyzing as having none at all. If I could change anything I would change the background. It should have been a little bit darker and a little more neutral because the galaxy purple and pink was a little bit too much. I am most proud of my selections for this project because the refine edge tool and the vector masks made the edges come out a lot cleaner than before. I will use these skills in future projects in Photoshop and hopefully in the future. This project will teach me to look at every element of someone’s art and how all the pieces fit together instead of looking at the entire thing as one.

This is a 3D virtual reality Gallery. I really enjoyed this assignment because I’ve always wanted to give people an immersive experience. While this is a ways away from a true immersive experience it was a good place to start. Putting in pictures of my friends was fun because I got to memorialize them and see them in a new light.

The second gallery isn’t completely finished but I really like the futuristic vibe it gives off. It reminds me of a spaceship or something from the movie Passengers. I would have liked to finish it but sadly I ran out of time.

3D Ring Art

We got to choose what type of project we wanted to do for our 3D wood art project. We could choose to design a Light Box, 3D ring art, or a stacked wood art thing. I choose to do 3D ring art. My idea revolved aorund music and the different parts of music as well as

A music waveform.
A speaker.

Above are screenshots of my Illustrator file that I used to make the piece. Below will be pictures of it fully assembled.

Below is the original rough drawings of the rings.