Throughout the Reflections unit seniors were challenged to answer the question “Who Am I?”. We all answered this question differently and came up with separate responses. In English we wrote essays about our personal beliefs which lead to a video made in Digital Media as well as our personal essays. In Design we created Public Service Anouncements in Adobe Illustrator to make them simple and easy to understand.

Through this unit I learned that I often look at things with a perspective that is different than other people’s. I really value balance, happiness, and learning how to do a skill for myself. As a person I value my independence and learning how to do specific skills without help is a big part of that. Learning how to use new pieces of software in Design and Digital Media was a big challenge but I’m glad that I have those skills with me now. Although we didn’t use any new technology in English I really valued the feedback I received from my peers and teacher. In revious classes I struggled with the writing style but now I really value my own voice in my writing.