In Digital Media we were tasked with making a mandala in Adobe illustrator to show who we were. Since I’m a first year senior this was my first project using Illustrator and I struggled a lot when I was making my templates. However with the help of my teachers and classmates I finished my templates and was able yo create several different mandala drafts. My final attempt used a lot of lines to make, what looks to me, like the bottom of a space ship. I think it also looks like some kind of octopus eye because the middle is empty instead of filled. I made two versions, one in black and white and another in color. Since the middle is empty I decided to title it Into the Void.

Into the Void in Black and White.
Into The Void in Color
Into the Void on Wood.

The thing I valued in making my black and white mandala was how relaxing it was. I could make one stroke and it would reflect around the rest of the design. It was really satisfying to watch the whole thing come together. I used various arc lengths and line lengths to make different shapes and illusions. The result of this was really cool because it made the whole thing look almost hypnotizing.

While creating my mandala I realized that I really like symmetrical things. I also like things that are very intricate and hypnotize people. Since this was my first time using Illustrator I was a bit confused as to how to get the tools to do what I wanted. With help from my teachers and classmates I was able to figure out enough of the tools to make a mandala that was very heavy on lines. This was including other illusions made with lines. I learned that I like things to be clean and neat, but at the same time very intricate.