Although my time at Freestyle was shorter than most people’s I still learned a lot during my year here. I learned how to use applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator and I created projects I never would have otherwise. Of these the two that I will feature here will be my movie poster project that was by far one of my favorite things to create and my product label.

Before making the movie poster I was apprehensive as to what kind of genre I would make it in and what the plot would be. However after looking at examples online and getting inspired by the poster for Call Me by Your Name I knew what direction I wanted to go in. My movie’s plot ended up as a coming of age drama about five essential workers. On the cusp of childhood and adulthood they end up running off on a road trip during the last weeks of summer. I used skills I learned in our Photoshop painting unit in Digital Media to create the look I was going for.

We Weren’t Supposed to be Heroes movie poster.

My second portfolio piece is my product label. This was for our marketing unit. Once again I was nervous as to what kind of product I would create and market because it had to be a somewhat original idea. Eventually an idea came to me at work (as they so often do) and I decided to market milk to a teenage audience. However with a few differences then regular old milk. My milk would be caffeinated as it was originally intended to be a healthier alternative to energy drinks. It would also be galaxy themed, this didn’t have a deeper meaning behind it I just thought galaxy milk would be cool. My milk would also be environmentally friends and be sold in glass mason jars. Later customers would be able to return the jars to the store and get some money back while the company would reuse the jars for more milk. I borrowed that idea from the Straus Dairy Company that sells their milk in glass bottles and uses the same process. I ended up making a mockup and then a triptych of my product label, both of which are down below.

The Label.
The triptych of my label on all three products.