My final PSA.

My PSA features a dark purple background with several people standing in front of it.
Some are men, some are women and they are all very angry. Their eyes and mouths are red
with anger. Text bubbles also float above their heads filled with red to represent their anger. In
the center, there is one girl wearing a white shirt and a grey apron. She is looking down at the
ground and looks sad. One man leaning in from the side is shaking his fist. The bottom third of
the PSA is black with white text that reads “I Can’t Carry Your Pain”. The idea behind my PSA
was to show how customers take out their pain on the employees of that industry. This
obviously doesn’t make the employees feel very good because it’s not their job to be a punching
bag for others. My initial color scheme was different but the people did not pop as against the
background as they should have, so I had to change it. I wanted to make the background a dark
purple-blue color to represent sadness and darkness but also power in standing up for what
people should know. I hope to reach customers from any kind of retail store to show them the
pain they can cause workers when they are rude.
I made this in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool and the shape tool. The shape tool
helped me create the heads of my people featured in the middle. It also helped me make the
background, foreground, and speech bubbles. I stretched out circles to form an oval shape for
the speech bubbles. I used the pen tool to create the bodies for my people. This took some
experimentation because it was my first time using the pen tool, but I quickly got the hang of it.
Even though some of the hands came out kind of funky looking I still managed to adjust the
anchor points to have something that looked like a hand. I struggled with colors as well, after I
found out my original color scheme didn’t pop as well as I had hoped I had to go back and
change most of the colors on my people.