2” f11 ISO100

For this weeks photo, we focused on the concept of the rule of thirds, which is a common method used in photography. When I saw that the assignment of the week was based on motion, I decided that I wanted to take a picture of a moving object with a slow shutter speed. When taking photos with a slow shutter speed, it gives moving objects a blurred shape, which gives the illusion of movement despite being a photo. I chose a toy train for my object because I have seen many photos taken of trains from a photo book that my brother owned. Although the photos looked cool, I didn’t see any photos that utilized slow shutter speeds to give trains the look of movement it has.

Although I had a clear direction and plan for my photo, I faced challenges in executing it to what I envisioned. The first trouble I went through was the brightness of the photo. I had forgotten that when using slower shutter speed, the camera has more time to take in the light from its surroundings. This means that the photo will become very bright, especially in a bright space like the well lit room I took the photo in. To fix this problem, I changing the aperture to a higher setting. Another problem I faced was moving the train just enough to give the faded effect, but not too much to the point you can’t see it. I had to take the picture many times to get the fade to look how I wanted. Overall I am satisfied with my final product, and hope that I can use this technique in other photos I take.